How to keep the score on table tennis?

For maximum fun, you will want to learn the basic rules of the game. Games are NOW played to 11 points not 21! HERE’S HOW: 1. Preliminary matches are often the best of 5 games. CHAMPIONSHIP [...]

Equal Challenge was made for Ken Okey

  The Equal Challenge Tournament is designed for all table tennis players in the world and this time Ken Okey was the victor! An African player with a dangerous backhand attach and [...]

Table Tennis Fitness

  It may surprise many people to hear that table tennis can be a very demanding sport. Being fit for table tennis is more important at the higher levels of competition. At all levels skill [...]

Table tennis Racket Regulations

Like every sport, table tennis has specific rules to follow. We constantly hear about the importance of having a regulation racket when playing, so we have complied a list of all the requirements [...]

The Health Benefits of Table Tennis

  Given that table tennis balls can reach speeds of nearly 100 mph, keen reflexes are essential to the table tennis player since there is just a fraction of a second to react as the ball [...]