Good News for Newport Beach Table Tennis Community!

Newport Beach Table Tennis Group Classes

Newport Beach Table Tennis Group Classes


First of all I hope each of you got a wonderful time with your families on this Christmas, and if I did not see you to wish you Merry Christmas…well, never it’s too late….so Merry Christmas!

We are exited to announce for the city of Newport Beach than our 2012 Equal Challenge Tournament was complete success for our players on the 3 months test we got.

As a result some of the players who participate on the last US Nationals, send us a feed back messages to thanks us to develop so great idea.

Here is a comments of one of them:

“I have to admit since I play your Tournament I focused since the start, with great result each match, specially with low rated players. Thanks to the Equal Challenge Tournament…it really help me!”

So our board of member will continue doing it this 2013, yeeee!!!

Wondering when we’ll be starting our first 2013 Equal Challenge Tournament?

We’ll start this Wednesday – January 2

If you play this tournament before encourage your family and friends to come and play, as you know all have the same chance to win…nothing to hide…we want you get the best experience playing table tennis in Newport Beach

As we let you know last months, the price to play the Equal Challenge Tournament has increase to $10 just $2 more from our last 3 months. If you come the minimum you are going to play is 4 games, in our professional tables.

Table Tennis Players, I’ll see you this Wednesday for more of the Equal Challenge! Would you be the next Champion?

Wait a minute! and where are the other great news for Newport Beach table tennis club?

The second great new is we are going to have 1 day a week for open play, so you can come with your family, friends, neighbor, kids, uncle, dad or mam to hit some balls and make some exercise…specially after work…it’s nothing more fun to play with your friends, remember Newport Beach Table Tennis club is not just a club…we are a family…and that is what is all about…a family 🙂

The only rule is let all the tables on the same place you found it when you start playing, if you need some help please ask our Newport Beach Athletic Club workers, they we’ll be happy to help you.

The open play schedule will be Mondays from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the cost will be $10 and you must pay on front desk.

If you are going to use just one table please use the racket-ball courts, and make sure nobody sign that hour to reserve it.

For more information just check the front desk 2 clipboard with hours and names.

And the last and best one new is soon we’ll be opening our table tennis group lesson, this is not the typical group lesson of 20 minutes forehand and 20 minutes backhand, we develop a program to see results, that’s what we want! We want our Newport Beach table tennis players get a competitive level to compete versus other clubs and styles of game.

Alex Figueroa a coach who have been studying table tennis for many years, understand the process to improve the game lesson by lesson, he has a degree on table tennis from Germany, so we are sure your game will go to the next level.

Also I have to congratulate all the parents, coaches, and directors for the excellent level on the last US National Tournament. I was very surprise how the table tennis population have grown last 2 years, that means we’ll have more competition year by year, which is good to rise the level of USA.

Well guys without nothing else to say, I wish you Happy New Year!