Table tennis for your clients and guests

Not matter what is your cause

Open a new location, a trade show, fundraiser or even your Party!

Table tennis events are your opportunity to add a little something extra! Not only do they raise extra funding , table tennis can helpful to connect in a friendly way strong relationships between your guests and best clients. Your brand, your event will be remembered with awesome table tennis moments. Just take a look our pictures!

Use this as an opportunity to further join your employees and guest about your event and table tennis, have FUN and play table tennis with us!! And remember, not every table tennis event has to be elaborate. We’ll provide the fun your guests need!

Be creative!

  • Events should be strategically scheduled throughout the year to be most successful and build awareness
  • Make it easy for employees to participate
  • Secure the support of upper management
  • Involve a team in the planning and implementation process
  • Just contact us and let your guest have fun playing table tennis with us!

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