The Newport Beach Table Tennis Club Keep Rocking With The Equal Challenge Tournament

Newport Beach Table Tennis Finalists

Kuei Chen and Doug Jackson

Good environment, friendly people, and table tennis is part of our lives here in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club. Soon as you come to participate you’ll notice we have table tennis players with different levels but with the same goal… improve, challenge their skills and be part of the history becoming the next Equal Challenge Champion.

As a friendly reminder our tournament has a golden rule, “every player will play a minimum of 3 challenging matches without compromise your level” 

Last Wednesday night we got 14 players and we manage a total of 61 matches in 3 hours

We also want to welcome to Gerald Kostecka, Pedro Garduno and Alex Vaida to be part of this tournament, next tournament will be more fun for you guys!

One group of five people and six group of three people the night start with endless rallies on each table.

Match of the night

A tight score of 3-2 make the game between Keyla Arellano and Pedro Garduno the “Match of the night” long rallies with challenging body language. Nice Match! Congratulation for both of you!

The Newport Beach Final

It was an epic game between Doug Jackson and Kuei Chen and worth remembering, both players gave their best at each point, each set. Who stayed to see the end sure enjoyed a great show of five sets. Awesome match guys!

Congratulations Doug for your Equal Challenge title, now you are eligible to play for our $302 if you become champion 3 more times

Come this Wednesday to play table tennis, make new friend and challenge your skills. Make sure to arrive before 7:00 PM we have a limit of 20 players on our facility.