The Last Table Tennis Equal Challenge Champion was…


Ron Arellano - Equal Challenge Champion in Newport Beach

Ron Arellano – Equal Challenge Champion in Newport Beach

Trying to challenge your skills in a tight game is complicated. But what happen if you play table tennis with a guy who is 500 points lower that you?

I’m sure you know in a game of 0-0 who is going to win.

An old friend told me one time “what about if we add some salt and pepper to this game” and that is exactly what we trying to do in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

As you know table tennis is an individual sport where the mistakes and points depend of you and you.

So if you have a great level and you find boring play with a low rating player. Let’s play a handicap tournament to challenge your skills. Don’t be surprise if a player in Newport Beach Table Tennis beat you on our Tournament. Simple reason, they are training as you to improve.

This tournament it really measure your Technic and mentally skills.

Play with the same people over and over become a habit. And when that happen you know exactly what your opponent is going to serve, you know how to return and even how to win.

Let’s be honest with us. Where we go with this? What is the point to make this? I will like to invite you to the Equal Challenge Tournament at lease 3 times to see how this tournament can help you raise your level.

We don’t have nothing to hide, it’s all about skills and desire to win.

Last Wednesday Champion was Ron Arellano and second place  was for Ken Okey.

Thanks to Gerry Chua for so great photography! This guy takes excellent shots!

A junior player from the Ecuadorian National Team will visit us for 1 month and he’ll be playing the Equal Challenge Tournament for all that time.