The Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Does table tennis has positive health benefits?

Does table tennis have positive health benefits?


Given that table tennis balls can reach speeds of nearly 100 mph, keen reflexes are essential to the table tennis player since there is just a fraction of a second to react as the ball moves across the surface. These reflexes will be honed with every spirited match one plays.

Quick and frequent movements of the arms required in table tennis improve strength, stamina and overall health of the muscles; however, improved musculature is not limited to the arm area. Constant twisting of the midsection can strengthen abdominal muscles, as well as lower back muscles due to typical bends at the waist.

Avid video game players are not the only one with good hand-eye coordination. Playing table tennis can serve a crucial role in developing this skill, which also comes in handy for many important daily activities like driving a car. A frequent competitor armed with improved reflexes and hand-eye coordination will be better prepared to react calmly to any perilous situations encountered on the road.

In addition to a healthy body and overall wellness, time spent playing table tennis, even for just a few matches, will no doubt promote healthy family relationships and friendships.

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