Table Tennis Keeps Kids Moving the Fun Way!

Playing table tennis with kids

Playing table tennis with kids

Table Tennis is a great activity for kids, as they love the challenge and will easily burn between 200-250 calories an hour, which is the equivalent to a fun and easy stroll!

The sport is great for working up a sweat and getting your heart rate going. When played at the higher levels, it’s one of the fastest sports around the world. But, you and your kids don’t have to be a pro to get a good workout. Just a couple of hours a week hitting that little white ball around can do wonders for your overall health.

Newport Beach Table Tennis Tip: If you want to play at home, use an old paste table and buy a cheap net. The kids will love playing table tennis whenever they want!

Calories burnt in 15 mins playing table tennis: 62

If you are interested in table tennis lesson for your kids please click here for details and schedules in our club.