Improve Your Table Tennis Serve (Part 13 of 13)

Improve Your Table Tennis Serve

Improve Your Table Tennis Serve


All the areas we have delved into will form a background store of theory which you can call upon in times of need and which will give you an edge in the service area. However in the final analysis when you are out there at the table, you have at this time really only the mental capacity to consider a few vital factors and to keep these in the forefront of your mind.

  • A sound recovery position (after your serve) is vital.
  • A quick recovery serve gives you more time.
  • A ‘short’ contact to bounce serve is more deceptive.
  • A short, fast service action gives less time to ‘read’ the spin.
  • Try to play third ball attack or gain an advantage.
  • Try to play to the opponent’s weakness.

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The first four are under your control, the last two partially under your opponent’s control.

Look at service from the point of view that if you use these factors to the full you will have the best possible chance of winning the point. If you fail to adopt or neglect one or more, then your chances decrease accordingly. Bear in mind too that four of these factors are wholly under your control and that the opponent has no influence over them.

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