Improve Your Table Tennis Serve (Part 7 of 13)

The Third Ball in Table Tennis

The Third Ball Newport Beach Table Tennis Training


Bat Areas

If we whirl a metal weight round on a length of string, then obviously the string nearer the weight moves much faster than that part nearest the hand. Exactly the same applies to the table tennis racket. The end of the racket farthest from the handle moves at a much faster rate when you swing the bat in an arc. With the identical service action you can achieve varying degrees of spin by contacting the ball on differing areas of the racket. Because neither the angle nor the speed of the blade alters, it is extremely difficult for the opponent to read the amount of spin on the serve.

It’s important also for maximum effect that you attempt to increase the speed of movement of the racket just before contact with the ball. It can be quite deceptive if you execute the serve with a relatively slow action and increase the racket speed just 1 inch before you ‘acquire’ the ball. Seeing a slower service action the opponent can be misled as to the amount of spin on the serve.

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