Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Ping-Pong Match – Part 2 of 3

Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Match

Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Ping-Pong Match

When you are beaten by another player and your friends ask you what happened, just pull out our article. This is the second part of our Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Ping-Pong Match and you will find it funny as the first. If you like it feel free to share it!

Let say we find the perfect excuse from our Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Ping-Pong Match Part 1 we are going to choose “the new plastic ball” this time. We have 29 more to choose from.

I lost today because_the new plastic ball (from part 1)_______ and the/my _______________

Like our first post, it’s quick, easy and effective! Just choose a number from our part 1 and part 2 and complete the sentence. No more giving the credit to unworthy opponents!

  1. weird air movement
  2. gravity inversion
  3. unexpected match compression
  4. opponent’s glue fumes
  5. cheering parents
  6. biased umpire
  7. opponent’s junk rubber
  8. sweat balls
  9. pot smoke
  10. opponent’s Dr Neubauer rubbers
  11. sweat on my glasses
  12. athlete’s foot
  13. shoulder injury
  14. rubber was coming off the blade
  15. umpire’s fault calls
  16. match on adjacent table was too good to miss…
  17. opponent’s illegal speed glue
  18. incorrect time table
  19. heavy traffic
  20. incompetent umpire
  21. slippery floor
  22. breeze in the hall
  23. huge meal at the buffet
  24. incorrect seeding
  25. excessive clapping
  26. opponent’s sandbagging
  27. heckling from the crowd
  28. humidity
  29. shoes are not for table tennis
  30. bounce in the table


Our next post will be

I lost today because ________________and the/my ______________stopped me from/made me ______________

If you enjoy this post share it, with your table tennis friend, I’m sure they have something to say about it! If you have something extra to add, please share it. Our table tennis community need some fun too.