Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Ping-Pong Match – Part 1 of 3


Top 30 Excuses When You Lost A Match

If you are a table tennis or ping-pong player, we always are going to find somebody of this kind! This is not even a joke! But I think I list most of them. I have been writing all I hear in a table tennis club. You will be laughing or maybe you will be using this excuses too.

So here is how to use it:

I lost today because_______________

It’s quick, easy and effective! Just choose a number and complete the sentence

  1. glare off tables
  2. glare off opponent’s bald spot
  3. altitude
  4. temperature (cold or hot, your choice…)
  5. excess cho-ing
  6. my opponent’s lack of fight
  7. my bad glue job
  8. my opponent got too many edges
  9. lack of prize money
  10. concrete floor
  11. there were too many stray balls/lets
  12. I haven’t been training lately
  13. I must have over-trained, my feet were really sluggish
  14. I can’t play without speed glue
  15. my shoes were giving me blisters
  16. opponent’s coach was staring at me
  17. there was too much sweat on the ball
  18. there was too much sweat on my rubber
  19. my opponent’s illegal serves
  20. my opponent was unbelievably lucky
  21. the poor lighting
  22. lack of warm up
  23. crappy balls
  24. crappy tables
  25. my opponent’s “chicken-wing” style
  26. my opponent cheated
  27. the wall
  28. the shirt of my opponent
  29. the towel hanged on the barrier
  30. the new plastic ball

We will post a second post with an upgrade version. And it will be like – I lost today because ________________and the/my _____________

If you enjoy this post share it, with your table tennis friend, I’m sure they have something to say about it!