How to keep the score on table tennis?

For maximum fun, you will want to learn the basic rules of the game. Games are NOW played to 11 points not 21! HERE’S HOW: 1. Preliminary matches are often the best of 5 games. CHAMPIONSHIP [...]

JOOLA Phenix Rubber MAX is here!

  Professional equipment is helpful to produce quality spin, Newport Beach Table Tennis Club bring to you table tennis equipment with latest technology directly from Japan, the Joola Phenix! [...]

Who is Timo Boll?

  I’m sure that players who enjoy watching international competitions, world championships and Olympics know who is Timo Boll. Well this article probably sound to obvious, but believe me, [...]

Table tennis Racket Regulations

Like every sport, table tennis has specific rules to follow. We constantly hear about the importance of having a regulation racket when playing, so we have complied a list of all the requirements [...]