The Best Players May Not Be the Best Coaches

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The boy in the blue shirt, shown at right, won the tournament! He must know a lot about table tennis. Maybe I’ll ask him if he can train with me.

This is one of the more common thoughts that beginner players have, but the truth is that the best players may not be the best coaches. In a conversation with several qualified coaches, we conclude that they needed to teach more principles and knowledge than what students are receiving to ensure that they do not lose focus.

What happens if a table tennis player loses his focus in training?

The results are not the same, but this is typically not the fault of the student. More often than not, the error lies with the coach who does not utilize his training time with students properly.

From our personal experience, table tennis is a sport of perseverance and dedication. It may seem boring at first, but as the days go by, students will learn that table tennis demands 100 percent of your consistent effort.

An achievable goal, for example, for a beginner in training is to keep over 30 balls forehand with precise technique, while the next goal would be to make more than 30 balls hit with proper backhand with technique.

This is a great, short-term goal for a beginner player to have without venturing into extreme territory.

To learn table tennis the proper way, it is vital to choose a good coach that will help you improve your performance in an exciting environment.

Think of Newport Beach Table Tennis coaches like your family. Our coaches want you to be the best possible player you can be in a nurturing environment. Are you ready to start playing and achieve your goals? Then come to Newport Beach Table Tennis Club where we will help you improve your skills! Our  group table tennis lessons are perfect for the pro-training session and you’ll meet people that work hard to improve their skills.