Who won last Wednesday the Equal Challenge Tournament?

Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach, CA

Tao Jiang and Roman Machutt in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club


A real table tennis battle start last Wednesday on the Equal Challenge Tournament, all of them came early to warm up properly and take the championship of this week.

10 minutes before to start the Equal Challenge Tournament, show up the indomitable Tao Jiang a 2300 US Rating player from Florida, if you have been playing our Tournament you know of who we are talking about, but if you miss it, the following articles can help you refresh who is the player

Roman Machutt, one of our Equal Challenge champions came to challenge Tao Jiang, the match start with topspin and aggressive blocks, but as you know Tao has a great placement which was a bit uncomfortable for Roman, as result Tao got the first set. Roman for the second game start blocking and placing the balls far from Tao, with topspin from both sides Roman got the second game, the score was 1-1

Tao play with different strategy in the third game he start attacking with spiny loops but this time Roman’s block was not effective as second game. For the fourth game Roman start aggressive and with all the desire to win, but Tao apply a similar strategy mixing with heavy under-spin serves and counter attacks, at the end Tao won the complete game with a score of 3-1.

Congratulations Tao! the only 3 times in the road champion of the Equal Challenge, we are just wondering, is anybody there who will like to challenge Tao?


The Equal Challenge is the only Tournament charged with a lot of FUN and family environment! Don’t wait more, come this Wednesday and see with your own eyes why every day this tournament is famous in the city of Newport Beach.

See you on Wednesday TT Players!