Not even shorts pips stop Tao Jiang last Wednesday!

Table Tennis Equal Challenge Finalists

Ryan Louie and Tao Jiang after the Equal Challenge Tournament on Newport Beach, CA

Who was the Table Tennis Equal Challenge Champion this time?

The Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament start with a very motivated group of table tennis players looking to beat our last champion Kuei Chen. It was a fantastic tournament with very intensive matches.

Cesar Beraún with his fast game with short pips found a Ryan Louie, a player with a great topspin and footwork. The match was held with enthusiasm from both parties, celebrations and “Choo’s!!!” were details of a game that kept entertained our viewers, and wait that was just the semifinal! At the end Ryan beat Cesar 3-0, the Peruvian warrior fought until the end, but it was not enough.

In the other table, the other semifinals start as well, Tao Jiang a powerful pen-holder player from Florida versus Kuei Chen our last Equal Challenge Champion.

Tao was the surprise in our club, with 6 points down Tao play at his best with a favorable result, beating our last champion Kuei Chen. Kuei just attack hard and the ball just came back every time, he apply any kind of spin in order to find his wickedness. Counter attacks it was a surprise for Kuei who fought until the end. The final score was 3-1 and Tao advance to the final.

Finally the long-awaited end to our viewers, in the table #2 start the match of Ryan Louie vs Tao Jiang each player with their best weapons ready to play!

The match start with great top-spins and serves, Ryan miss around 3 serves and Tao took advantage of these mistakes. On the second set Ryan start developing his attack game trying to loop every ball after their serve, in the start was very effective effective, but Tao show us his block ability placing the ball in different spots on the table. In the 3th set Ryan apply same tactic and this time with a favorable result.

Ryan knew that in the fourth set had to go with all

Ryan did his best in this set, demonstrating his competition level, for more than one Ryan went beyond what viewers expected.

At the end Ryan found a Tao like a wall that stopped all his attacks. All agreed that this kind of finals were played at a high level

But as everything has an end, Tao Jian won with a convincing score of 3-1 and crowned champion of the Equal Challenge Tournament

Tao’s strength are his forehand smash and a very accurate defensive block with a incredible placement.

Congratulations Tao! and remember to bring the action and see you on Wednesday TT Players! and remember all the levels are welcome with a chance to win too, your rating it doesn’t matter.

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