Tony Kovacs A True Champion Last Week In Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Tim Stephens and Tony Kovacs

Nature, inviting individuals, and table tennis is some piece of our lives here in at Newport Beach Table Tennis Club. Before long as you come to partake you’ll recognize we have table tennis players with distinctive levels yet with the same objective… enhance, challenge their aptitudes and be a piece of the history turning into the following Equal Challenge Champion.

As an amicable update our competition has a brilliant guideline, “each player will play at least 3 testing matches without bargain your level”

No matter how many players we have, we make the Equal Challenge Tournament religiously every Wednesday night!

Last Wednesday night we got 6 players and we deal with an aggregate of 25 matches in 2.5 hours

We likewise need to welcome to Jeff Sacapano to be some piece of this competition, next competition will be more a good time for you!

One gathering of six individuals and just one true Equal Challenge Champion, the night begin with unlimited energizes on each one table.

Match of the night

It was an epic diversion between Tim Stephens and Hammed Ettehadi, both players gave their best at each one point, each one set. Who stayed to see the end beyond any doubt appreciated an extraordinary show of five sets. Magnificent match fellows!

Last Wednesday night Tony Kovacs won the Equal Challenge title and Tim Stephens the second place

Now Tony qualified to play for our $302 Jackpot. Just you have to win 3 weeks more in a row.

Come this Wednesday to play table tennis, make new companion and test your abilities in the Equal Challenge Tournament!