Tony Kovacs defended his Equal Challenge Title 3 times in a row!

Ping Pong Tournament Newport Beach

Tony Kovacs and Hashim Zaman

Amazing night!  With 15 players registered in the Equal Challenge, the night started with tight scores right after the first round began.

The Equal Challenge goal is make you improve and play your best every single match, for we are always looking for more competition.  If you have not played the tournament lately you should.  Don’t lay down on the bed watching TV.  Instead make some exercise and have fun at the same time.  How we do this? Well, by playing table tennis.

Thanks to all who collaborate one more time umpiring the matches to make this tournament one of the best in Newport Beach!

Welcome back Drew Vaden, Michael Vaden, Hashim Zaman and Nathan Gershfeld

With three groups of five players, the Equal Challenge Tournament started.  From each group two players advanced to the single elimination brackets.

Equal Challenge Quarterfinals

Tony Kovacs advanced directly to Semifinals

Nathan Gershfeld won his match by W.O. against Kia Kiani

Tim Stephens defeated 3-0 to Daniel Sub

Hashim Zaman advanced directly to Semifinals

Equal Challenge Semi Finals

Tony Kovacs defeated 3-0 to Nathan Gershfeld

Hashim Zaman defeated 3-0 to Tim Stephens

Equal Challenge Final

Tony Kovacs defeated 3-1 to Hashim Zaman

Congratulations Tony!  Three times in a row is not easy, well done!

If Tony keeps his title the following week he will be the winner of our Progressive Jackpot of $198.  Can Tony win one more time the Equal Challenge Tournament?  Would you like to challenge him?  Come this Wednesday at 6:30 pm and participate in the Equal Challenge Tournament, the largest table tennis tournament in Newport Beach.

See you Wednesday for more table tennis, fellows!