Tony Kovacs close to the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot

Newport Beach Ping Pong | Tim Stephens and Tony Kovacs

Tim Stephens and Tony Kovacs | Equal Challenge Tournament

What do you need to play the Equal Challenge Tournament at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club?

The desire to play and win!

Keep in mind that with our custom point system, beginning players have a better chance of winning the more they engage in table tennis.  If this is your first time, then we urge you to cast aside the score and forget about the level of the other players.  Your chance to shine is on its way!

The key will be the more times you participate, the more chances you have.

What are the mental traits that the Newport Beach Table Tennis community embodies in order to be good at this sport?

Competitiveness-Athletes are encouraged to give their all and play at their maximum performance.

Determination-A greater will to persevere due to increased pressure from tighter matches.

Endurance-Due to the nature of the sport, semifinalists and winners are chosen through an elimination process.

What happened last Wednesday in the Equal Challenge Tournament?

If you play in the Equal Challenge Tournament, we are 100% sure you’ll improve your skills, without thinking of the level of your opponent.  Even with all what our Tournament involves, we always suggest practice to improve even more.

The night started with 14 registered players and every participant played a minimum of three matches by the end of the night, and we want to say thanks to each one of them to collaborate and participate every Wednesday night.

  • Tony Kovacs
  • Tim Stephens
  • Andre Pasquarelli
  • Angelica Arellano
  • Keyla Arellano
  • James Leitner
  • Damian Giuseffi
  • Franco de Flaviis
  • Ken Dewhirst
  • Kia Kiani
  • Greg Remillard
  • David Yashar
  • Melvin Nocum
  • Doug Jackson


Tim Stephens defeated 3-2 to Andre Pasquarelli

Tony Kovacs defeated 3-0 to Franco de Flaviis


The final match was very impressive as each player gave his best in each rally.  Both of them looped with their forehand trying to take the point right away.  Long and nice rallies from both sides.  The scores were very close in each set but at the end Tony Kovacs defeated Tim Stephens 3-2.  Excellent job for both players!

Congratulations Tony for you are close to getting the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot if you keep the title two more times in a row.  Like Us on Facebook and see the price award.

Practice more table tennis and be ready for this Wednesday and challenge our last Equal Challenge Champion.  Can Tony keep his title this Wednesday?

Come, play and make new table tennis friends!  See you this Wednesday and please be sure to arrive before 7:00 PM as after 7 we cannot register and we really hate to say “You cannot play” but we have to respect the rest of the  players that come early.

See you Wednesday!