Tony Kovacs shows his table tennis skills in the Equal Challenge Tournament

Finalists on the Equal Challenge Tournament

Tony Kovacs and Doug Jackson | Equal Challenge Tournament

What a night last Wednesday was in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

With a participation of 15 players we can say the tournament was a success.  Players from Huntington Beach, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach and even Fullerton came to play, enjoy and find new table tennis players to challenge.  If for any particular reason you did not have the time to come, then for the following Wednesday you are welcome to come.

Just to let you know we run the Equal Challenge Tournament every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, and we always suggest you come at 6:30 pm so you have time to warm up and be ready.  We hate to say “You cannot play” but we are obligated to do that if you come after 7:00 pm.

We welcome the Nau family to play table tennis last Wednesday with awesome matches between their friends and not even mentioning the match between Dad and Mom.  Congratulations to Leslie Nau, as she defeated Andrew Nau 3-2.  Hopefully we’ll see you again and thanks for participating.

We would also like to announce the NBAC Cafe is open until 8:00 PM and you should check their menu as they have healthy food, a great environment and affordable prices for the quality you get.

With three groups of five people each, the Equal Challenge Tournament started, playing match after match until finally we got the best two players from each group.

With two bye’s in a bracket of 8 people

Nas Zakari defeated Phil Aldy 3-1

Tony Kovacs defeated Kia Kiani 3-0


Doug Jackson defeated Nas Zakari 3-1

Tony Kovacs defeated Tim Stephens 3-0


This time Tony figured out how to play against Doug, and as a result, Tony Kovacs defeated Doug Jackson 3-0 to become the new champion of the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Congratulations Tony! 

Now Tony is eligible for the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot of $198.  Can Tony repeat for next Wednesday?  Come play, enjoy, challenge and make new table tennis friends next Wednesday.