Tim Stephens Winner Of Our Last Weekly Equal Challenge Tournament

Art Sandoval, Kuei Chen and Tim Stephens after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach

Art Sandoval, Kuei Chen and Tim Stephens

The Newport Beach Table Tennis Club is proud to hold the Equal Challenge Tournament every week and without you, this would not be possible.  Thanks for all your support, guys!

During all this time, we have noticed a constant increase on our table tennis fellows, and that gives us great satisfaction.  The Newport Beach Table Tennis Club is very proud to be the first table tennis club who organized the Equal Challenge Tournament in the United States.

With an assistance of thirteen table tennis players, the Equal Challenge Tournament started with two groups of four players and one group of five players.

Only the top one of each group advanced to play in the final round robin.

Match of the night

We saw three intense matches that night, with great rallies and great strategy.  As a suggestion, when you see a tight match, watch as you’ll learn a lot.  Strategy is crucial in these pressured moments.

  • Kuei Chen against Odeon Dy (3-2)
  • John Carpenter against Daniel Sub (3-2)
  • Tim Stephens against Andre Pasquarelli (3-2)

Congratulation to all of you as this experience will help you increase your level in tight points.

Table Tennis Tips from our Sport Team

Mix up serves of different length and spin. Some examples of advanced serves include medium-long, deep, short, down-the-line, pure spin, pure speed, etc.  Serves to the elbow tend to be very effective, since the receiver must quickly decide (and often does not do so in time) to use a forehand or backhand.


The winners of each group were Kuei Chen, John Carpenter and Tim Stephens.

  • Kuei Chen defeated John Carpenter 3-0
  • Tim Stephens defeated Kuei Chen3-1
  • Tim Stephens defeated John Carpenter 3-0

With these results the new Equal Challenge Champion is Tim Stephens.  Congratulations Tim!  Keep up the good work.

Now Tim is eligible to play the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot, and this week it increases as well!  Wondering how much?  Like us on Facebook and find out!

Don’t miss our tournament this Wednesday night, for we promise you a lot of fun.  Just make sure to arrive around 6:30 pm to warm up, meet the Newport Beach Table Tennis family, and have fun.

See you this Wednesday night and please don’t be late!