Tim Stephens took the Table Tennis Equal Challenge Title Last Wednesday!

Equal Challengea table tennis tournament in Newport Beach

Ron Arellano and Tim Stephens


It’s nothing more satisfying than to see how players develop additional skills to understand the game.

It’s not easy to start a game with 2, 4 or 6 points under, but it is very encouraging to know that we made it and win, or not?

We know it’s a challenge for every match but at the end, when you win that match, we can see your smile, and you have to be proud of yourself because you challenged your skills and you did it!

If you lose a table tennis match don’t blame the ball, the walls, the table, the rubbers, the light, the net…stop that immediately!

Table Tennis is an individual sport and if you make a mistake we have to recognize it was a good ball from your opponent or a mistake that you made.

Learning this basic concept will help you focus even more for your next Equal Challenge table tennis match.

Last Wednesday emotions and adrenaline went together.  In our opinion it was a very tight encounter between all the participants.

For our results we had triple empathy for second place between Ken Dewhirst, Kuie Chen and Ron Arellano.

A minimum difference of one set gave Ron Arellano second place.  This is an indicator that every set and every point you play counts.  So don’t give up and win as many points as possible.

Michael Vaden, an 11 years old, came to challenge his skills.  This kid is not far from real improvement, and he has a great under-spin serve with his backhand, and we hope he comes back again!  Keep training to develop your skills as there is no shortcut to improve.

The Equal Challenge Champion

Every effort is rewarded, and that is the case of Tim Stephens.

Tim lost just one match against Ken Dewhirst, and after that he showed outstanding results over Wednesday night.

Congratulations Tim!

Now Tim is selected to participate in our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  This week the jackpot increases,  so come, play and challenge your skills.

See you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

This week we’ll have a Joola Rhymz Table Tennis Rubber for first place.  The cost of this rubber with brand new technology is $60.  Soon as you use it, you’ll see the difference!