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Tim Stephens 2 Times In Row Equal Challenge Champion | Newport Beach

Tim Stephens Two Times In a Row Table Tennis Equal Challenge Champion

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Equal Challenge Table Tennis Tournament - Tim Stephens and Daniel Sub

Tim Stephens and Daniel Sub

Sport for life…that’s Table Tennis!

Great moments last Wednesday on the Equal Challenge Table Tennis Tournament in Newport Beach.  With the participation of 12 players this tournament is growing week by week and we hope you can join us soon!

There is no doubt that being a Equal Challenge Champion is not luck or coincidence; instead it is pure effort, dedication and training.  We love to congratulate our Table Tennis Champions!

Thanks to all our participants who make this tournament one of the best in the city of Newport Beach!

  1. Quan Nguyen
  2. Kia Kianni
  3. Daniel Sub
  4. Vahid Ghassvarian
  5. Tim Stephens
  6. Harry Jahromy
  7. Ken Dewhirst
  8. Michael Vaden
  9. Alex Brandt
  10. Kim Andrews
  11. Keyla Arellano
  12. Angelica Arellano

Final Table Tennis Matches

Three finalist from each of the three groups were placed into one group for the final

  • Daniel Su defeat Ken Dewhirst (3-0)
  • Tim Stephens defeat Ken Dewhirst (3-1)
  • Tim Stephens defeat Daniel Su (3-0)

3rd Place for Ken Dewhirst,  2nd Place for Daniel Su and Tim Stephens won for the  second time in a row.

Congratulations Tim!

Tim is playing for the Progressive Jackpot of $126.  Can Tim achieve for the 3rd time in a row the Equal Challenge title?  Come, play and challenge our Champion.

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