Tim Stephens is the New Equal Challenge Champion

Newport Beach Ping Pong

Tim Stephens and Roman Machutt

With a participation of 16 players last Wednesday night the Equal Challenge Tournament keeps growing week by week.

We really appreciate all the player’s collaboration to make this tournament one of the best in Orange County. If you are looking to improve your table tennis skills, get some exercise or just meet new table tennis players, Newport Beach Table Tennis Club and the weekly Equal Challenge Tournament has a lot to offer.

Make sure to arrive around 6:30 PM to get registered and get the chance to warm up.  After your warm up, we really appreciate if you would share with others your table so all of the participants can warm up. Because of the large number of participants last week, the tournament took more time to finish.

It’s good to remind our participants the time to warm up after the groups are made is no more than two minutes.  If you are a player who needs more time to warm up, please come to the club around 6 PM as we have empty tables at that time.  As an umpire you have the right to control this so the tournament can run smoothly and finish as early as possible.

We want to welcome to the new players of last week

  • Melvin Nocum
  • Elphinsten Winata
  • Mari Husted
  • Phil Aldy

Tim Stephens recovered his title and he is one more time the Equal Challenge Champion. Keep the good work Tim!

Now Tim is eligible to play the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot and can he win the tournament 2 times in a row?

Come and challenge our latest champion tonight at 7:00 PM

Here we share some images from our club, share it if you are there!