Tim Stephens Looking for Challenge Found The Equal Challenge Championship

Rudy Miranda and Tim Stephens

Rudy Miranda and Tim Stephens

Thanks to all the participants, all the newbies and the umpires, without all your help it will very hard to approach a nice tournament like we do every Wednesday night!

With a participation of 13 players the tournament start with 2 groups of 4 players and 1 group of 5 players

This time the competition was very challenging for each group wondering why? Because from each group just advanced 1 player so each of them give their best to qualify to the next round “The final”.

Match of the night

Doug Jackson against Rudy Miranda

Doug was down 2-0 in sets and from there fighting as a tiger he made the 2-2, the last set was full of emotions from both sides, no one like to loose, specially if you have a score of 9-9, it was intense the game Rudy make the 10-9 and then Doug got the 3 next points. Doug was very happy with the result.

Final Results

Thanks to the Equal Challenge we got a final with 3 table tennis players

  • Kuei Chen
  • Rudy Miranda
  • Tim Stephens

Tim Stephens defeated 3-0 Rudy Miranda

Rudy Miranda defeated 3-0 Kuei Chen

Kuei Chen defeated 3-2 Tim Stephens

In this case we got a three-way tie, just like our last tournament but how we determine who is the winner?

According with the ITTF Rules (International Table Tennis Federation) the following procedure you apply when is a three-way tie In a group, or “round robin”, competition, all members of the group shall compete against each other and shall gain 2 match points for a win, 1 for a loss in a played match and 0 for a loss in an unplayed or unfinished match; the ranking order shall be determined primarily by the number of match points gained. If a player is defaulted after the completion of a match for any reason, he or she shall be deemed to have lost the match, which shall subsequently be recorded as a loss in an unplayed match. If two or more members of the group have gained the same number of match points their relative positions shall be determined only by the results of the matches between them, by considering successively the numbers of match points, the ratios of wins to losses first in individual matches (for a team event), games and points, as far as is necessary to resolve the order. If at any step in the calculations the positions of one or more members of the group have been determined while the others are still equal, the results of matches in which those members took part shall be excluded from any further calculations needed to resolve the equalities in accordance with the procedure of and

Applying this rules the Equal Challenge Champion of this week was Tim Stephens

Congratulations Tim! Now you are eligible for our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot! Wondering how much is it? Like Us on Facebook and find out.

See you this Wednesday at 7:00 PM for more table tennis! Make sure to arrive 30 min before so you can warm up.