Tim Stephens dominated the Equal Challenge Last Week

Kuei Chen and Tim Stephens

Kuei Chen and Tim Stephens


What a Wednesday last week!  There is no doubt that Newport Beach Table Tennis is well known for the Equal Challenge Tournament that takes place every Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Starting with a incredible match between Kuei Chen and Ken Okey, it was just a prelude of the night with a final score of (3-2) for Kuie Chen.

Luis Crescitelli versus Ron Arellano was also a very decent match with a final score of 3-1.  Luis almost beat Ron with scores of 11-9, 11-9, 9-11, and 11-9.  It was a difficult match and FUN to watch.

We want to welcome Henry Wong, a new player with a good backhand!  We hope to see you again Henry.

What about the Equal Challenge Champion of last Wednesday night?

We congratulate Tim Stephens for all his efforts during training sessions and the weekly tournament. Little by little, Tim is starting to develop his shots and self-confidence and is continuing to train to improve his game.

If you have the chance to play with Tim, you’ll be surprised of all he can do with his racket… and be careful with his forehand shot!  Tim knows improving comes from hard work!

Congratulations Tim!