The Third-Ball Attack in Table Tennis

The Third Ball in Table Tennis

The Third Ball Newport Beach Table Tennis Training


This week we got an opportunity we evaluate our students on competition, and we have to go step by step and sometimes we forgot to practice a basic drill which help us to understand more our spin, our game and even our position on the table. The famous….third ball

Table Tennis Third Ball

It is particularly important that you can follow-up on your own serve and put the opponent under real pressure directly. To this end serve and third ball should form a major part of each training session. You should know where the ball is usually returned and practice third ball attack until your response is automatic.

Also you should know how the ball is returned — the opponent may return some or all of your own spin, or impose his own. You should of course train with your practice partner returning to unexpected areas, playing at times with and at times against the spin. In this way you become more at ease dealing with the unusual and unexpected situations you will face against the best players.

A Point To Consider

The acrobat can attain pinpoint accuracy through hard training, why not the table tennis player?

The answer lies in the fact that table tennis is an antagonistic competition, acrobatic performance isn’t  Every stroke you make is based on correct and split-second judgement of the incoming ball, which varies in a thousand and one ways.

Service however is the one exception. Much remains to be exploited in the service area in terms of spin, speed and placement of the ball and in different ways of striking the ball.

If you are practicing come and play our Equal Challenge Tournament on Wednesdays at 7:00pm to evaluate your progress. We are the only club for now who offering this evaluation.