The Equal Challenge Table Tennis Tournament is Rocking!

Daniel Sub and Kuei Chen, Equal Challenge Finalists

Daniel Sub and Kuei Chen

It was an amazing Wednesday for our table tennis community with 16 players looking for the Equal Challenge Championship. Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and making this tournament one of the best in Newport Beach.

The Newport Beach Table Tennis Club with the Equal Challenge Tournament gives beginning players a unique advantage against their more experienced competitors. Our custom points system allows beginners to advance confidently in the sport of table tennis, while at the same time giving seasoned pros the opportunity to flex their skills. This is an excellent and unique method for new students to gauge their aptitude, build confidence and focus on progress.

Did you play already?  What are you waiting for?  Come and find a great group of friendly people who love to play table tennis against you.  Don’t worry about your level as we are sure the Equal Challenge Tournament is for you.

This table tennis night started with two groups of five players and one group of six players, from each group just one advances, generating one more final group of three people, and from this the winner is the Equal Challenge Champion.

We want to welcome and be thankful to the new players to be part of the Equal Challenge Tournament, and hopefully we’ll see you this Wednesday too.

  • Alia Liv
  • Odeon Dy
  • Art Sandavol
  • Niosha Mihjab

Matches of the night

Daniel Sub against Tony Kovacs 3-2
Christy Sawyer against Drew Vaden 3-2

Equal Challenge Final

Thanks to the Equal Challenge and our coordinator Jorge Delgado, we handled 61 matches in three hours.  We can say our night was a success and we’ll do our best to keep improving.

The final round was between Daniel Sub, Kuei Chen and Chandra Kuppala with the following results

  1. Daniel Sub defeated Chandra Kuppala 3-0
  2. Kuei Chen defeated Chandra Kuppala 3-0
  3. Kuei Chen defeated Daniel Sub 3-0

Kuei Chen becomes the new Equal Challenge Champion of this week.

Congratulations Kuei!  You are eligible to play the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  Are you wondering how much is the total?  Like Us on Facebook and find out what is the total.

Make sure to arrive around 6:30 pm so you can warm up, for after 7 pm, we can not receive more entries.  Players who arrive on time deserve respect as they were on time.  If you are running late you can text us at 714-932-7611 before 7 pm and you’ll be registered.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis in our Weekly Equal Challenge Tournament.