Tao Jiang, the only 2 times in the road Equal Challenge champion!


Tao Jiang and Jun Luan after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach, CA

Tao Jiang and Jun Luan after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach, CA

Whaouuuu…just amazing what happen last Wednesday, nothing stop the Jiang avalanche from victory. As you know on Wednesday January-23, Tao became Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion and he is the only player to have won the tournament two times in a row.

“This Tournament is a great way to proof your skills, I have been playing in different places all around United States, and this is the first table tennis tournament I found where you have to play since the start, it really help me to be mentally strong”, said Tao.

Tao knows how to handle tight scores, he knows when is the moment to block and attack, keeping the calm and always enjoying table tennis with his opponents is one of his secrets. And if I tell you he just lost 3 sets in all the entire Equal Challenge Tournament, probably you don’t believe me, but it’s the true!

Also 2 Students from UCI came to be part of the Equal Challenge Tournament. Robert Shapiro a lefty table tennis player inspired by the Olympian Silver Medallist Dimitrij Ovtcharov backhand and Jun Luan a pen-holder table tennis player inspired by the World Champion Wang Hao got the second place.

Tom Bazacas with a fast and aggressive forehand pips surprise many players as well on the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Joe Fabregas will return for more fun but soon he will start playing better and better “this experience is amazing” , he said

Greg Herz promise us to come back to play the Equal Challenge and he just not believe he cannot make just 1 point more to take a game from Tao, so he want a revenge!

The following Wednesday Roman Machutt promise us to play for second time in our tournament, just like a reminder he was one of our first Equal Challenge Champions, and he is coming for the second one.

Table Tennis Players, clean your rubbers and be ready to come this Wednesday to challenge!

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