A Table Tennis champion made in Ecuador!

Ping Pong Newport Beach

Ron Arellano and Roman Machutt after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament


It’s always great to play table tennis, and it’s even better when the games we play are so close, in that moment you really have to think in what are you going to do, it doesn’t matter if you serve or if you receive. You have to be ready for all, specially in a 10-10.

Last Wednesday night I decide to play this tournaments for first time and I have to admit it was hard, and the reason I give it a try it’s because every time I see a game like spectator,  you can see how every table tennis player handle the points specially on tight games.

For my opinion when you are on an 9-9, the level of one or the other it doesn’t matter, learn how to handle that situation it’s what make us better players. Just think about it, how many times we practice a 9-9 game on the fifth set? Or if you are a player with a lot of experience, how many times you loose on a 9-9 on fifth set?

Table Tennis it’s about technique, footwork, but also you have to be mentally strong to keep the calm in a 9-9.

A Cuban Coach told me one time “Every shoot you must do it with confidence”

My lesson from this Tournament was:

“You must start playing with your best weapons and find the weakness of you opponent right away”

This time we got a surprise with the visit of Danny Moreno a player who train hard to improve their skills and Ken Dewhirst with his wife.

Danny got a great match versus Ron Arellano, with topspin, and extreme fast blocks, after the match Danny said “Table tennis is fun, and I will do better next time!”

Ken Dewhirst a 80 years old table tennis player got a victory of 3-2 versus Danny Moreno, it was a match to watch.

Challenge yourself and see how fun is compete! Come and play our Equal Challenge Tournament at 7:00 pm the following Wednesday!