What is The Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament?

The Equal Challenge Tournament gives beginner players a unique advantage against their more experienced competitors. Our custom points system allows beginners to advance confidently in the sport of table tennis, while at the same time giving seasoned pros the opportunity to flex their skills. This is an excellent and unique method for new students to gauge their aptitude, build confidence and focus on progress. 

In order to maximize the playing experience, we have put in place a strict set of guidelines that must be adhered to by all player. Inquire with our team for details. 

Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament - Newport Beach, CA

Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament – Newport Beach, CA


What do I need to play the Equal Challenge Tournament at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club? 

Bring your table tennis paddle and your desire to play and win!

Keep in mind that with our custom point system, beginner players have a better chance of winning the more they engage in table tennis. If this is your first time, then we urge you to cast aside the score and forget about the level of the other players. Your chance to shine is on its way!

The key will be more times you participate, more chances you have.

Newport Beach Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament

Newport Beach Table Tennis Equal Challenge Tournament

What are the mental traits that the Newport Beach Table Tennis community embodies in order to be good at this sport?

  • Competitiveness-Athletes are encouraged to give their all and play at their maximum performance 
  • Determination-A greater will to persevere due to increased pressure from tighter matches
  • Endurance-Due to the nature of the sport, semifinalists and winners are chosen through an elimination process

Fix your schedule, we’ll guarantee you a lot of fun! 

How much Equal Challenge Tournament cost to play?

A low price of $10 by player

Easy rules to remember

  1. Show up around 6:30pm so you can stretch and warm up, we’ll be starting at 7:00 PM sharp
  2. Leave your bag in our Locker Rooms
  3. No bags allowed on the game area

Did you hear about the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot?

Don’t be late! Don’t be disappointing anymore for a tournament where just the high rated player wins, you are welcome to participate this Wednesday at 7:00 pm

The money prize will increase week by week, so keep an eye on it, as you know all the players have an equal chance to become champions.

Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot

What I have to do to win the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot?

We have just one rule to follow

Come, play, compete and win! Any player who wins the Equal Challenge Tournament four times in a row will be the winner of our Jackpot, in addition to the weekly Prize money.

Did somebody already win 4 times in a row?

The answer is YES!

Ready to join us?

Equal Challenge - Weekly Table Tennis Champions