Ralph Guillory New Champion In The Equal Challenge Tournament!

Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion

Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion

The main draw of the singles event always will be hard for each of our players, we don’t have a easy match on the Equal Challenge Tournament, if you can handle a tight score each set, then you’ll see what is the real table tennis adrenaline. Ask our player who come every Wednesday for challenge themselves.

If you are good you must show your abilities on the table, I’m sure you have those tricky severs saved for a 10-10, but how often do you practice this? or How often you have been loosing a match on 10-10?

A typical case of 10-10 the winner is the player who mentally is stronger, he has the time to decide where to place the ball on the right moment, so Do you practice this?

Must of high-rated players play for “FUN” which is nice and right! But I have seen many cases where they get mad for loosing against a lower rating player, so is that for FUN? I don’t think so.

Last Wednesday the Equal Challenge Champion was Ralph Guillory, a lefty player who has a great ability to place the ball far from you, even if you make one great topspin, the second ball is very hard to get for his placement. Ryan Louie was the only player who beat Ralph, but not even that was enough to stop the fury ball placement of Ralph Guillory.

Tim Stephens got the second place, and here in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club saw all the effort he puts in order to win, every Wednesday Tim has more power on his forehand shoot, and every Equal Challenge Tournament he feel more comfortable…keep going Tim! – If you have the opportunity to meet Tim ask him how he feel now playing table tennis in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my table tennis friends to be part of this Test Mode Tournament and Newport Beach Table Tennis Club wish you “Merry Christmas” to each of you…even those they try their best to come and play!

Tom Bazacas, Alex Figueroa, Carlos Fernandez, Rudy Miranda, Cesar Beraún, Ivan Dueñas, Danny Moreno, Quoc Nguyen, Tong Yu, Ronald Yu, Ernie Louie, Roman Machutt, Stanley Tang, Crispi Chang, Alex Litvak, Amanda Malek, Attila Malek, John Margaritis, Luis Crescitelli, Matthew Nease, Thun Phan, Tim Stephens, Sean and Ralph Guillory! Thanks to be part of this experiment!

As you know US Nationals are this week and it’s never late to say “Good Luck California Table Tennis”!

For now we are working on the schedule 2013 for the Equal Challenge Tournament, and soon as it’s complete we’ll be published in our website. The days will be the same Wednesdays Night! So book your calendar for next year it will be more FUN! Our Team is working hard to bring more players to try this Tournament! Regarding the cost of tournament the prize will increase by $2 more, (Total $10) so we can get a better prize money for first, second and third place. If you have not try our Tournament so you must come, you’ll be building self-confidence to play.

And when will be the next Equal Challenge Tournament?

Our Equal Challenge Tournament will start Wednesday – January, 2 – 2013

We are working hard to make this tournament even faster to play, so you don’t have to play until 12 pm…we are proud to say our tournament is the fastest in the west! 🙂 with a simple thing in common, all the players will play at lease 4 matches by Tournament…not just a group of 3. And also remember your level doesn’t have to be high, you have a good chance to win!

My Table Tennis Friends Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep playing table tennis!