Ryan Louie the unstoppable in Newport Beach!

Ryan Louie and James Knoska in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Ryan Louie and James Knoska in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club


Ryan it’s a player from Irvine with a great serve and powerful forehand loop attack, and the last Wednesday won all his matches, and we call it the unstoppable, soon as he start the first point  he focus on every single point until the end. “Keep the concentration since the start it’s very hard but it’s possible” Ryan said.

What Ryan said was true! He obtain the first place winning a tight match versus James Knoska (3-2), a lefty hard bat player with a strong desire to win, he never give up. James to play for first time in our Equal Challenge Tournament make a exceptional debut getting the second place.

Congratulation Ryan and James!

Great come back

Tyler Russin a new player who is planning to come more often, he was 2-0 up versus James Knoska, but at the end the lefty player got a great came back with a favorable result of 3-2. Next time will be better Tyler, just don’t relax and always play your best on the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Tim Stephens getting better and better

Tim a player with a great personality and good spirit of fight is improving very fast! Every Wednesday his smash forehand is bringing a lot of surprises to players who have never play him before, so if you come to play be ready! Tim will play every set until the end! Keep it up Tim

This Wednesday will have new players and you are very welcome to come and try, remember not the best rating player wins! You also have that chance!

Bring the action and see you on Wednesday TT Players