This Time Ron Took The Equal Challenge Title

Ron Arellano and Roman Machutt after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament

Ron Arellano and Roman Machutt


Once again the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club has a new champion and you can be the next one!

It’s very difficult to say who will be the champion when the scores are so close.  If you have not yet come to the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club, you are missing a lot of action and challenging table tennis.

Keep in mind this is not the typical round robin, for the Equal Challenge Tournament has something very special compared with any other table tennis tournament in the USA.

Congratulations to the table tennis warriors who came to challenge their skills:

  • Keith Muller
  • Ken Dewhirst
  • Tim Stephens
  • Evan Rovin
  • Angelica Arellano
  • Keyla Arellano

After several weeks of trying to recovery the Equal Challenge Title, Ron Arellano played with great performance against the right-handed Roman Machutt from Poland.

Note that the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot increased this week to $94.

Can Ron win the tournament for a second time this Wednesday?

Equal Challenge Latest News

The Equal Challenge Team is making some changes in the Golden Rule from four matches to three matches to improve the time, especially for clubs who start the tournament late.

Soon the new golden rule will change, and we’ll keep you updated on this.

Thanks to those who participate and support this project.

From the Equal Challenge Team, we hope to see you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm!