Roman, Miles and Doug in the Equal Challenge Final

Ping Pong Newport Beach - Equal Challenge Tournament

Doug Jackson and Roman Mahutt

With a participation of 13 players and public present, the Equal Challenge Tournament started like every other Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  This time new visitors from Irvine participated, and we want to welcome them and let them know how much we appreciated their part in this table tennis event and hopefully we’ll see you again!

  • Todd Sudeck
  • Cliff Davis
  • Christian Plasencia
  • Miles Chang

It was a pleasure to see you playing table tennis and showing us all your skills.  Just remember the Equal Challenge Tournament gives beginner players a unique advantage against their more experienced competitors.  Our custom points system allows beginners to advance confidently, while at the same time giving seasoned pros the opportunity to flex their skills.  This is an excellent and unique method for new players to gauge their aptitude, build confidence and focus on progress.

With two groups of four players and one group of five players the night started with awesome rallies in each group.

Match of the night

Cole Sudeck agains Hudson Davis was a tight match with a final score of 3-2.  Congratulation guys as all the public saw those rallies!

Keeping our golden rule of a minimum of three matches for each player, the winner of each group advanced to the last stage of the competition.

Equal Challenge Final

Roman Machutt, Miles Chang and Doug Jackson were the winners of their groups, so we started playing the final with the following results:

  • Doug Jackson defeated Miles Chang 3-2
  • Roman Machutt defeated Miles Chang 3-0
  • Roman Machutt defeated Doug Jackson 3-1

With these results, Roman is the new Equal Challenge Champion.  Congratulation Roman!

You are now elegible to play for our Equal Challenge Jackpot of $302 and the rules are very simple.  Any player who wins four weeks in a row will be the winner of our Jackpot.  Come and try and see why players choose this tournament as one of the best in Newport Beach.  Did you like us on Facebook already?  If not, please do to receive all the latest news about our club.

Remember that our Beginner’s Table Tennis Group Class is every Thursday at 5:30 pm.   Click here for details.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!