Ray Is Back To Newport Beach Table Tennis Club!

Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion

Tony Kovacs and Ray Shak

The Newport Beach Table Tennis Club has the largest tournament in town with a particular style where all the participants have the same chance to win first place.

All this is possible thanks to the Equal Challenge Tournament.

“Is one of the most effectives ways to encourage people to keep practicing, without even thinking in your opponent’s level.  No doubt this is the best weekly table tennis tournament in town!” 

With a participation of 16 players, we made a fun tournament where you can meet and challenge new table tennis players. The youngest player is 11 years old and the oldest one is 81 years old, and both of them are great players!

Come this Wednesday night to the Newport Beach Table Tennis Tournament around 6:30 pm, sign up for just $10, warm up and at 7:00 pm we’ll start.

Please note that our official starting time is 6:30pm.  We will allow some players to enter the round robin after 6:30pm, but please do not abuse our policy.  This is to respect all others who are here on time every Wednesday.  So come early!

Thanks to each of you for your help for we believe in the culture to always have an umpire for your match, so that you can focus 100% on the game and not in the score!

Best Matches of the night

  • Tim Stephens against Kuei Chen
  • Daniel Sub against Michael Vaden
  • Nas Zakari against against Daniel Sub

A Player To Watch

Tony Kovacs, who provided a great performance after 26 years without playing any table tennis tournament, reached his very first Equal Challenge Final!


Ray Shack defeated Sachin Bajpai (3-1)

Tony Kovacs defeated Michael Vaden (3-0)

Final Match

Ray Shack against Tony Kovacs:

Contesting their third final, Ray Shak played against Tony Kovacs a match with a lot of emotion, topspin and great rallies.

Tony had some problems receiving Ray’s serves, but after passing his serves, Ray had some problems on the rally.  At the end Ray defeat Tony 3-1 and he is now the Equal Challenge Champion.

Congratulations Ray and good luck next time Tony!

Now Ray is eligible to play the Progressive Jackpot and are you wondering how much is it?  Like us on Facebook and discover what is the total for this week!

On December 25 and January 1, we’ll be closed for the holidays and the Equal Challenge Tournament will start again on January 8. 

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis action at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club!