Raising his hand Roman Machutt is the Equal Challenge Champion of this week

Equal Challenge Finalist in Newport Beach

Roman Machutt and Ron Arellano

Seems like the weekly Equal Challenge Tournament keeps growing week after week, with an amazing presence of 17 players last Wednesday.

First of all we have to say thanks to all of those who make this tournament one of the best in Orange County. We want you to give the best of your skills on each match so that in the near future you will improve.

Next week be sure to arrive around 6:30 PM to get registered and get the chance to warm up.  After your warm up, we really appreciate if you would share with others your table so all of the participants can warm up. Because of the large number of participants last week, the tournament took more time to finish.

It’s good to remind our participants the time to warm up after the groups are made is no more than two minutes.  If you are a player who needs more time to warm up, please come to the club around 6 PM as we have empty tables at that time.  As an umpire you have the right to control this so the tournament can run smoothly and finish as early as possible.

This week a dad and his son played in our tournament, and we are really happy to see this, sharing family moments with an activity as nice as table tennis. Cheers to the Vaden family!  So if you have kids playing table tennis, we encourage you to bring them too.  They are very welcome!

We want to welcome also three new players and hopefully we’ll see you next week:

  • Ilya Kachkovskiy
  • Ehsan Foroudi
  • Drew Vaden

Wondering what happened last Wednesday night at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club?

It was a fun tournament with challenging matches, and it’s no doubt that this tournament increases the level of this wonderful group of table tennis players.


Ray Shak defeated Andre Pasquarelli (3-0)

Ronald Arellano defeated Daniel Sub (3-2)

Roman Machutt defeated Michael Vaden (3-0)

Ehsan Foroudi defeated Kia Kiani (3-0)


Ron Arellano defeated Ray Shak (3-0)

Roman Machutt defeated Ehsan Foroudi (3-0)


Roman Machutt defeated Ron Arellano (3-0)

Congratulations Roman! Now Roman is eligible for our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  Are you wondering what is the total of our Jackpot?  Like us on Facebook and find out.

Can Roman keep his title for this week?  Would you like to challenge him?  Come, play, make new friends and be the next Equal Challenge Tournament Champion this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!