New Heights for Tung Phan after Successful Wednesday on Newport Beach Table Tennis

Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion

Ryan Louie and Tung Phan after the Equal Challenge Tournament on the city of Newport Beach Table Tennis Champion

Climbing Higher

Vietnam’s Tung Phan, now appear in the list of champions of the Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach.

On the first round Tung got a tight match with Quoc Nguyen from Vietnam as well, both players understand about strategies and aggressive game with ball placement. Tung who was leading 2-0 change his strategy of placement and attach and Quoc take advantage of Tung’s distraction and he came back for a even score 2-2.

In the fifth set both of them start aggressive with continues top spins out the table, it was a very exciting match to watch, at the end Quoc Nguyen from Westminster won the match with the minimum difference.  Final Score was 11-8, 11-7, 6-11, 8-11, 12-10. But not even this match stop Tung to keep fighting to be the Champion of the Equal Challenge.

Tung is a player who understand very well what is heavy spin, good touch on the ball and this time he won the tournament with his own effort if not ask the group of player who challenge to him! All of them got a chance to beat him, but Tung is a player who never give up!

Congratulation Tung!

Notable Progress 

A quite staggering level climb for Tim Stephens, little by little Tim is becoming a hard player for every one. Keep practicing Tim, you are doing fine!

A Tournament for all the levels

We believe all participants have benefited a great competition from the Equal Challenge Tournament here in Newport Beach, as they did a last Wednesday. Not doubt the players have a tight matches, but I’m sure you are wondering “What is the benefit on this?”

Simple answer, the great benefit is keep us concentrate and focus, using our best serves and shots against our opponents since the start, after all that is the wonderful world of table tennis!

Equal Challenge Tournament on Wednesdays

Since now on, every Wednesday we will run our Equal Challenge Tournament, where each we have a different winner. So far this month, no one has won twice in a row.

So what are you waiting for? Come and play our Equal Challenger Tournament where everybody has a chance to become champion! It doesn’t matter your level.

This Wednesday the 6 time World Team member Rudy Miranda will come again! and 80% conform Quoc

Like always, we’ll have prize money for 1st and 2nd places and a box of 3 Start Joola Balls for the 3rd place winner. Remember, Newport Beach Table Tennis Club is the only club with this system, so take advantage while we have only three tournaments left at $8 a session. As we are on test mode with this tournament, we want to send a special thank you to all of our players and public in general, especially to Tom Bazacas, Ernie Louie, Luis Cressitelli, Glenn Mcintire and Tim Stephens for all their valuable help!

To remember: Newport Beach Table Tennis Club will not run the Equal Challenge Tournament on Wednesday December, 21. The reason? Must of our players will go to Las Vegas, NV to participate on the US Nationals

See you on Wednesday TT Players!