Newport Beach Table Tennis – Fall 2012 Division Champions


Newport Beach Table Tennis present on the LATTF Banquet

Newport Beach Table Tennis present on the LATTF Banquet

Last Sunday, Newport Beach Table Tennis Team was invited to the Awards Banquet from Los Angeles Tabke Tennis Federation. And it was awesome!  Great food, friends and great table tennis atmosphere! We really encourage this kind events so our table tennis community can enjoy healthy and fun competition.

LATTF Fall 2012 season has come to a close and many divisions were competitive as usual.

I will like to share the 5 division this league has and let me tell you. It was very fun to play. Share moments with your table tennis friends is an awesome memory! Table tennis is a sport for life and it’s so true.

Just imaging , the table tennis team visit a new club, where they don’t know how your team play and your team don’t know how the other team play, but both teams have something in common, they love table tennis and I don’t think they want to lose.

For my experience as a player, playing league is a great way to meet new players, new styles and improve your level. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to train, these player no matter the division they are, they practice to become champions

Division 1

Champion: LATTA 1st Team (LATTA)

Runner-Up: Screwers (Newport Beach TTC)

Rudy Miranda

Alex Figueroa

Ron Arellano

Division 2

Champion: Flip Side (Song Jeho TTC)

Runner-Up: Oaks (Thousand Oaks TTC)

Division 3

Champion: Hitmen (USA Valley TTC)

Runner-Up: Got Spin? (Westside TTC)

Division 4

Champion: Walnut EFC (SGVBC 2)

Runner-Up: Team Rocket (Grace Lin TTC)

Division 5

Champion: Allen & Sons (Allen & Sons TTC)

Runner-Up: Blue Balls (Gilbert TTC)

Congratulations to the winning teams and clubs.