A New Equal Challenge Champion From The East Coast

Like every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm, the Equal Challenge Tournament was ready to start.

Newport Beach Ping Pong Tournament

Kuei Chen, Rudy Miranda and Beng Loh

With an assistance from 12 table tennis players with different skills, the night started with three groups of four people each. From each group just the best advanced to the final, a group of three.

This night we received the visit of Kyle Legrand and his dad Gary Legrand.  We really appreciate your visit.  Newport Beach Table Tennis loves to have families playing in our tournament, as memories are made to be remembered.

Matches of the night!

A battle to remember, Gary with his experience playing Keyla, a little girl eight years old.  It was quite fun to watch this match, as both of them gave their best in every single point until the match was over.  At the end Gary defeated Keyla 3-2. Congratulations to both of you.  All of our spectators were watching your match.

Kyle Legrand also got a great match against our future US National Champion Over 80 Ken Dewhirst.  This was a classic ball placement match.  Both of them played with this strategy but at the end our friend Kyle won 3-2.

The Equal Challenge Final

A group of three table tennis players looking for the championship.

  1. Rudy Miranda from the Nicaraguan National Team
  2. Kuei Chen from Laguna Beach
  3. Beng Loh from Maryland

Beng Loh defeated Kuei Chen 3-2

Rudy Miranda defeated Kuei Chen 3-0

Beng Loh defeated Rudy Miranda 3-1

With the results above the new Equal Challenge Champion is Being Loh.

Congratulations Beng!  Thanks for participating in our Equal Challenge Tournament and hopefully we’ll see you again.

Just as a reminder our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot increase this week as well.  Are you wondering how much is in the jackpot?  Like Us on Facebook and see the total.

During our tournaments we take pictures and short videos.  If you have instagram, follow us as @newportbeachtabletennis, for there is a good chance your picture or video is there.

See you this Wednesday at 6:30 pm for more table tennis fun!  If you are running late, please text us, because after 7 pm we cannot register any more players.