What makes NBAC Café the best in Newport Beach?


NBAC Café, best in City of Newport Beach


Don’t be fooled by the clichés because Newport Beach residents love to relax with a good fruit smoothie, some fresh homemade food and great family atmosphere.

Impeccable is the word that comes to mind while sitting in the NBAC Café in Newport Beach, California. There is a sense of perfect order among everything from the beautiful bar to the gorgeous patio.

Fun, Fresh and Friendly is the slogan, and they are right! Renzo Machiavello, a friendly Peruvian chef, offers a perfect combination of ingredients to provide a unique taste for you.  His suggestions are well known at the NBAC Café.

What is the best part of the NBAC Cafe?

Delicious and very affordable, the NBAC Cafe is located in Newport Beach.  If you are waiting for something to eat, or want to have a different environment from a franchise, or if you wish to have a place to take your family, well…this is the place!

You’ll be surprise with the menu, and best of all, the NBAC Cafe will take care of you and your party by offering fresh and healthy food.

How can I try the NBAC Café this Wednesday?

Now you don’t have to eat outside anymore, for you can come directly to the NBAC Café and enjoy your dinner until the Equal Challenge Tournament starts.

The cafe is open until 7:00 pm, so if you would like to try some of the NBAC Café items, give them a call before 6:45 pm and they will prepare fresh and healthy food for you.

Your order will be ready as soon as you arrive and it will boost you with extra energy to play  the Equal Challenge Tournament.

“The smoothies in the NBAC Café are awesome and what a great taste!!!” said Danny Moreno from Seal Beach.

Call now and choose your favorite menu item: 949-759-0322

NBAC Café Menu


NBAC Café Menu

NBAC Café Menu

NBAC Café Menu

Call now and choose your favorite menu item: 949-759-0322