Nasser Alzakari, 2 times in a row Equal Challenge Champion!

Ron Arellano and Nasser Alzakari after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament

Ron Arellano and Nasser Alzakari


It was an awesome night last Wednesday with the participation of 12 table tennis players in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Challenging your skills is something beneficial for your game.  Sometimes we find players who play much better than us, and of course we have to find the way to gain some points.  But is it a reality that I can beat them playing 0-0?

We know as a table tennis player we have to try our best, but what happens if we run out of resources? Or what happens if all the weapons we have are not enough?

Probably it’s time to think of how that player increased his level.

As you know, in any sport activity, the key is to train to improve and table tennis is not the exception.  Table tennis is about hand touch, eye coordination and proper footwork.  If we can wrap all this together we’ll become a better player for sure!

How to accomplish this goal?

Ask your local table tennis coach to give you some advice and if you are not sure, we can recommend that you take a table tennis lesson.  We are sure from that moment you’ll see table tennis from a different perspective.

Excellent Team Work!

Thanks to all the participants to be umpires and help new players understand how the Equal Challenge Tournaments works.  Without you this would not be possible.

If you would like to invite your friends to participate, they are very welcome as you.

Match of the night

When a table tennis match start tight from the start normally this will end in 5 sets, and that is exactly what happened with Quan Nguyen playing against Tim Stephens. Both of them have a great forehand shot and both of them know their weakness.  Long rallies and motivational words were part of this interesting match.

At the end we need to see a winner and this time Tim defeated Quan 3-2. Congratulations to both of players, as everybody was watching your match.

We are sure the next time Quan and Tim play again, each will know how to play even better.

Who said it is not possible to win two times in a row?

Nasser Alzakari demonstrated that it is possible by defeating 3-2 to Ron Arellano.

With all the initial challenges in his group he never gave up.  He fought until the end so he deserves the Equal Challenge Title.

Congratulation Nass!  You are already eligible to win the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot of $118.