The Last 2013 Equal Challenge Champion was…

Doug Jackson and Ron Arellano finalist on the Equal Challenge Tournament

Doug Jackson and Ron Arellano

With the participation of 8 players the last Equal Challenge of 2013 was other great event hosted by Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

We want to say thanks to all who made possible that day, we know that week most of the player traveled to Las Vegas to play the US National Tournament, and I hope they did very well and learn how great is this event.

  • Andre Pasquarelli
  • Michael Vaden
  • Christy Sawyer
  • Doug Jackson
  • Stan Winter
  • Ron Arellano
  • Franco De Flaviis
  • Shahyar Afifi

Semifinal 1

Doug Jackson defeat 3-1 against Stan Winter

Semifinal 2

Ron Arellano defeat 3-2 against Michael Vaden


Ron Arellano defeat 3-2 against Doug Jackson

Congratulations to the finalists! We know it’s not easy be there…

This week the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot increase, like us on Facebook and you’ll see what is the prize money.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis, friends and fun.