Kuei Chen Is Back To The Equal Challenge Tournament!

Kuei Chen Equal Challenge Champion Newport Beach

Tony Kovacs and Kuei Chen

Are you tired in playing the same tournament over and over and on top of that you don’t have any chance in winning?  Well, here in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club we think differently, and we reward the effort, not the rating nor the level.

This week 14 players decided to play the Equal Challenge Tournament and they found out how essential it is to understand technique and proper table tennis shots.

We always encourage new visitors to come and try out at least three times to understand the system and discover why it is so fun to play the Equal Challenge Tournament.

We want to welcome Alan Hovey, Cole Sudeck, Aaron Burns and James Leitner to be a part of this event.  Hopefully we’ll see you again, and remember that the more times you play, the more chances you have!

Match of the night

Cole Sudeck against Hudson Davis, with a tight score of 3-2.  Both of them are really good friends and they have been playing together a long time, so in matches likes this it is difficult to predict who will be the winner.  In this case Cole was the winner…but next time they play we are sure Hudson will give his best.

We managed 45 games in one night, and this is possible with your help!  We want to say thanks to everyone to be so open and collaborate writing the scores and umpiring.

Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach

This is the weekly Equal Challenge Tournament you are missing. Come and play this Wednesday!


Equal Challenge Semifinals

Kuei Chen defeated Tim Stephens 3-0

Tonu Kovacs defeated Alan Hovey 3-0

Equal Challenge Finals

Kuei Chen defeated Tony Kovacs 3-0

Congratulations Kuei!  Awesome match for you played with outstanding level with great results throughout the tournament. Our software indicates that this is your best tournament ever, as you did not lost a single set.

Would you like to challenge Kuei Chen or Tony Kovacs?

Our Progressive Equal Challenge Jackpot is $302 for any player who wins four weeks in a row.  Would you like to try?  Come this Wednesday at 6:30 pm to play against them.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!