Ken Okey likes the challenge and you?

Ken Okey and Tim Stephens after playing the Equal Challente Tournament

Ken Okey and Tim Stephens


Success came the way in the table tennis Equal Challenge event at the City of Newport Beach on Wednesday 6th March 2013 but it was a hard-fought success.

Ken Okey with a great spirit of fight was proclaimed for second time Equal Challenge Table Tennis Champion last week.

After having a hard match with Tim Stephens, full of smashes, top spins and great smash returns, Ken Okey got first place. But as you know next time will be harder.

Congratulation Ken!

After the tournament is over 

We ask Ken how was the match with Tim Stephens

“I just like challenge and I this tournament really make you sweat” said Ken. Regarding the match with Tim “It was a difficult adjusting to his style, his forehand was very strong; but I found I can get some points on his backhand. Recently I think my service and return of service has improved but I think I have to keep working on it.”

Tim Stephens keep improving his technique and style in a short period of time.

The following Wednesday a table tennis player from Poland we’ll come for his revenge in this Tournament, don’t spend time playing table tennis without challenge, we guarantee you’ll get a great challenge! Even if you don’t have any rating. Just visit us soon as possible!

See you this Wednesday for the next Equal Challenge Tournament!