Ken Okey the Newport Beach Table Tennis Equal Challenge Champion


Ken Okey and Ron Arellano after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament

Ken Okey and Ron Arellano

Ken Okey is a player who likes to challenge high rated players and loves table tennis. He knows every match is hard for every player.

Being a champion in this tournament is not easy, and if you are, you should be proud of yourself because you challenge your skills until the end.

Ask Ken and he will tell you more about it.

But how did Ken Okey play in the Equal Challenge?

He is a defensive player who likes to add spin on his lobs.

The majority of us think that smashing a high ball is easy, but when you play with Ken you’ll find out it’s not easy, especially if his lob changes the spin.

If Ken is close to the table and you by mistake pop up a ball, he becomes an offensive table tennis player and will smash it with a backhand or a forehand without any problem.

Ken won all his matches and became the new Equal Challenge Champion.

Congratulations Ken!

New player from New York

Greg Frome came to visit us and challenged all of the players.  He loves to play table tennis like we do.

We hope to see you again Greg and thanks for coming!

Ready to challenge a National Player this Wednesday?

As you know, Rodrigo Tapia is visiting us and this will be a great opportunity to measure your skills. Remember that our Tournaments are made for all kinds of levels.

Would you like to take the Challenge?

See you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.