Ken Dewhirst is the New Equal Challenge Champion

Ken Dewhirst and Tim Stephens - Equal Challenge Tournament

Ken Dewhirst and Tim Stephens


On every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, the Equal Challenge Tournament is hosted by our club.  As you may know, our tournament never gets canceled without notice.

If you come on Wednesday, you will play table tennis and participate in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

A very excited new champion got the Equal Challenge Title.  If you play against Ken, you are going to find out why he became champion.  With many tricky serves and a good understanding of both short and long balls, you can be in a lot of trouble trying to figure out what will be the best option to play against him.

Did you know Ken Dewhirst now plays with the 2.1 Joola Rhymz 325 on his forehand?  You’ll be very surprised for the amount of spin this rubber generates.

Tim Stephens got second place after losing just one match against Ken Dewhirst.

Congratulations Ken and Tim!

We had a great time and we’ll see you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm for another Equal Challenge Tournament!