Ivan Dueñas won his first Equal Challenge Championship

Equal Challenge Table Tennis Tournament Finalists

Tony Kovacs and Ivan Dueñas

A night with a ton of challenging games and fun is what the Equal Challenge Tournament can offer you every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the City of Newport Beach.

With a total participation of 14 players, the Equal Challenge Tournament brings a lot of great memories and friendship moments.

We encourage our players to keep participating in our weekly tournament.  If you just play once, come twice and why not a third time, and you’ll see how exciting  your table tennis matches will become.

Thanks to all the participants that were a part of this event.  All of them cooperated without exception, including the three kids!

  • Daniel Sub
  • Kia Kiani
  • Angelica Arellano
  • Ken Dewhirst
  • Keyla Arellano
  • Vamsi Polisetty
  • Brody Jamieson
  • Nathan Gershfeld
  • Doug Jackson

After the group matches, the single elimination round started with the following games and results:

Tony Kovacs defeated Gary Jamieson (3-0)


Ivan Dueñas defeated Roman Machutt (3-1)

Tony Kovacs defeated John Carpenter (3-0)


Ivan Dueñas defeat Tony Kovacs (3-0)