Irvine Table Tennis is welcome to play the Equal Challenge Tournament

Irvine Table Tennis

Irvine Table Tennis

Irvine Table Tennis

If you live in Irvine and you love to play table tennis, I have a great news for you!

Now you can play the Equal Challenge Tournament in the City of Newport Beach!

After all how Irvine is not far from Newport Beach

Where the Irvine Table Tennis players can enjoy a fair Tournament?

Have you hear about the Equal Challenge Tournament? Did you know your chances are shine to win the first place?

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm Newport Beach Table Tennis Club organize the Equal Challenge Tournament. The only table tennis tournament in USA with a real challenge. It doesn’t matter you level or your age. All the players will have a fair competition.

If you already beat your friends or neighbors on the garage, invite them to participate on this event. it’s time to play and look for challenge. You’ll find a lot of FUN. We guarantee that!

Don’t wait! Come and play table tennis. Let the excuses like “those guys are very good I don’t have even a chance”

We are telling you…You also have a chance to win and your picture will be on the Equal Challenge Hall of Fame Page, so you can share it on your Facebook Page. It will be nice have a picture and probably a video playing the Final match on the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Feel FREE to share this article with your friends and invite them! The Equal Challenge Tournament is also available for City of Laguna Beach, City of Costa Mesa, City of Huntington Beach. All levels are welcome to join us on Wednesdays night!

Irvine Table Tennis - Equal Challenge Tournament

Equal Challenge Tournament now for Irvine Table Tennis players