Hammed From Iran Won The Equal Challenge Tournament Last Wednesday Night

Equal Challenge Ping Pong Tournament

Hamed Ettehadi and Ron Arellano

12 table tennis players from our neighbors cities came to participate in our weekly table tennis tournament. This tournament is not made for the best player…is made for who give the best effort to win. If you like the challenge and push yourself to play at your best…this is for you!

Match of the night

Cole Sudeck against Ivan Dueñas

A tight score of 3-2 with great effort for both players, congratulations guys! It was a great match

We start the night, with three groups of 4 people, from each group will advance the best to play after a Final Round Robin of 3 players, from there just who get the best scores will win

Equal Challenge Final

  • Ronald Arellano defeated Peter Lee 3-1
  • Hammed Ettehadi defeated Peter Lee 3-0
  • Hammed Ettehadi defeated Ron Arellano 3-0

With this results Hammed become the new Equal Challenge Champion last week. Congratulation Hammed!

And thanks to all to participate it was really fun tournament, we’ll see you next week for more table tennis at Newport Beach Table Tennis Club