Hamed Ettehadi from Iran Winner Of The Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach

Equal Challenge Tournament Champion

Hammed Ettehadi

A table tennis match tournament at night for each player without speculation in the level of your rival, in the Equal Challenge Tournament you have an incredible risk likewise to contend in quarterfinals, elimination rounds and turn into the following Equal Challenge Champion. You have to bring the yearning to give your best exertion in every match.

Remember that with our custom point framework, amateur players have a superior possibility of winning the more they participate in table tennis. On the off chance that this is your first time, then we urge you to throw away the score and disregard the level of alternate players. Your opportunity to sparkle is headed!

The key will be more times you take part, more risks you have.

A warm welcome for the new players, and hopefully you enjoy the tournament much as we do

  • Bruce Kasra
  • Ata Yazdi

Three groups of three people and then three more groups to complete our golden rule of a minimum of 3 matches for each participant is apply every time you come to play.

Equal Challenge Final

The last adjust was between Hammed Ettehadi, Marcelo Perez and Tim Stephens.

Hammed Ettehadi defeated Tim Stephens 3-2

Marcelo Perez defeated Tim Stephens 3-0

Hammed Ettehadi defeated Marcelo Perez 3-1

Congratulation guys for great final, awesome shots and rallies!

This time Hammed Ettehadi from Iran won the Equal Challenge Title. Congratulations Hammed! You are eligible to participate in our Equal Challenge Jackpot of $302, which means any player who win 4 weeks in a row the first place. Come next Wednesday and you can be the next Equal Challenge Champion!